Saturday, February 27, 2010

We have walls!

Snow stopped & the sun is trying to come out on & off! (9 am)

Mudroom front door. Coat closet will be next to it to the right . . . (9:30 am)
Windows had been boarded up for demo & just came down, so now the cats can look out & watch the guys working . . .

Mudroom back door with 1/2 bath to the left. Stairs to second floor will be to right of door (laundry will go under the stairs.) (11 am)

And the last mudroom wall is up! The door beside the bathroom will be into the garage. (12:30 pm)

Front garage wall is up. The garage window will be cut out later. (2:40 pm)

Back wall of the garage is up! Only one more to go :0) (4 pm)

Last wall is up, but it's too dark for a picture, so I'll take it tomorrow (5:30 pm)

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  1. They really cranked that out. I love your cats being so interested. Hope its going well