Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fun 7 Month Photos


  1. Thanks for the comment.

    Ur doctor lets you take Zantac? It wasn't on my list so I haven't taken it. I have my appt. tomorrow so I was going to ask her about it then.
    Tums hasn't worked for me either so I bought Rolands tonight which is stronger so hopefully it works :/

    I LOVE your 7mth pics!!! I want to have those little blocks too btw, I turned 28wks yesterday 2 but just posted that today. I'm due on August 4th.

  2. Thanks! I'm very much into photo journaling and have a great friend coming over every month to do maternity photos.

    Those are Melissa & Doug blocks - I actually saw them at TJ Maxx for only $10, but of course I didn't scoop them up then & ended up paying retail at Toys R Us!

    Zantac wasn't on my approved list, but it was getting so bad that I called & asked what else I could take!