Thursday, July 15, 2010

Moving Along . . .

Our GC and electrician have been working so hard too get the addition done, and lots has been finished the past couple of weeks. THANK YOU Bryan, Mike and crew! 

And Rob has been coming home from work to spend late nights painting, cleaning and helping me get the regular household things done that I just haven't been able to do at 37 weeks HUGELY pregnant. He's been so amazing through all this.

All our lights are up, and we have electricity - so no more extension cords running every which way and moving temporary lighting from room to room! The guys sweated their butts off in the attic and the existing house now has hard-wired smoke detectors, and we have an exhaust fan in the now windowless bathroom (Rob still needs to run the actual vent out to the soffit).

The mudroom just has some touch-up painting to be done, stairs need to be polyurethaned, and 1/2 bath fixtures need to go in once the drain lines are connected.

Office is done except a couple of pieces of bamboo flooring! And I need to wash the windows & screens :0)

Master bathroom is prepped for tile, but we opened the vanity box to discover one side is damaged and has to be exchanged {{SIGH}}. 

Master bedroom is waiting for the bamboo floor.

Still need gutters, attic insulation to be blown in, HVAC guys to install the central a/c unit and the vent covers, and Rob has to do some touch-up painting and paint the exterior door trim, but we are SO CLOSE to being done. Now if the baby will just wait and give these guys a couple more weeks!

On that note - the OB doesn't think we'll make it until August before The Bean arrives. 38 week ultrasound on Monday . . .


  1. Sounds great! but the baby also needs to wait for me and mum to arrive!! :) xxxx

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Hunter is very cute and reminds me of the little baby out of ice age. Sooo sweet. Cant wait to meet him! Only 14 days now!! xxxx